Program Policies

The User when using the Service, is FORBIDDEN:

Illegally download, store, publish, distribute, and provide access or otherwise use the intellectual property of Users and third parties;

Illegally download, store, publish, distribute, and provide access otherwise use the information that:

  • is menacing, defamatory, insulting, defaming the honour and dignity, and business reputation, violation of the privacy of other Users or third parties;
  • violates the rights of persons under age;
  • is vulgar or obscene, contain profanity, pornographic images and texts, scenes of a sexual nature involving persons under age;
  • contains scenes of violence or cruelty to animals;
  • contains a description of the means and methods of suicide, call for its commitment;
  • promotes racial, religious or ethnic hatred and animosity, promotes fascism and ideology of racial superiority;
  • contains extremist materials;
  • promotes criminal activity, contains tips, instructions, manuals for the commission of criminal acts;
  • contains restricted information;
  • contains state or commercial secrets;
  • contains information about the private lives of third parties;
  • contains advertising or describes the attractions of drug use, information on the distribution of drugs, the prescriptions of their making and advice on using;
  • is fraudulent;
  • violates the rights and interests of citizens, legal persons or legal requirements.
  • to send out bulk messages without the consent of the Service Users; to use the software to carry out activities aimed at disruption of the normal functioning of the Service and its services;
  • to download, store, publish, distribute, and provide access to, or otherwise use viruses and other malicious programs using the Service resources;
  • to use without special permission from the Service administration the automated software to gather information on the Service, as well as for interaction with the Service and its services;
  • in any way, by means of deception, of the abuse of trust, hacking, trying to access the login information of another User;
  • to collect personal data of other individuals;
  • to access any services by any other means other than through the interface provided by the Administration of the Service, except for cases when such actions were allowed to the User under a separate agreement with the Administration;
  • to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell the Services for any purpose, except when such actions are permitted to User under the terms of a separate agreement with the Bearer of services;
  • to place commercial and political advertising;
  • to place any other information which, in the opinion of Bearer of services, is undesirable, does not meet the purpose of the Service, infringes on the interests of Users or for other reasons is not desirable to place on the Service;