Octopus.do updates

Features and development updates

We continuously improve Octopus.do and use this section to highlight notable product updates. Suggest a feature or provide your feedback.

July 2020

  • We added more wireframes for you to chose from.

June 2020

  • Now you can import sitemaps using structured sitemap.xml file.
  • Team account members can now control Privacy options and make project accessible only for Team or project members 🕵🏼‍♂️

May 2020

  • Long-awaited Undo / Redo function is here. Risk-free prototyping available for all our users.
  • We're on Producthunt today again. Happy to receive #2 Product of the Day award!
  • Our new promo-website is up. Enjoy the fresh look and product videos.
  • We refactored Page and Block UI controls, now we have plenty of space to add new functions.

March 2020

February 2020

  • Special student discount is here 👩🏼‍🏫
  • Shared projects are now visible to all invited users

January 2020

  • You can now transfer project ownership to Team plan user
  • Main page block can now be set as a Ghost page
  • Vertical website mode is here! You can now switch to vertical mode — a concise and compact way to view your project!

December 2019

November 2019

  • Add comments to pages in your sitemap.
  • Invite collaborators to your project over email.

October 2019

  • Real-time is here ⚡️Every change you make in a sitemap is now instantly seen by your collaborators.

September 2019

August 2019

  • PayPal support.
  • Design for web and mobile by switching the modes of your preview.
  • Add color legend to your sitemap.
  • Better organize your sitemaps with custom page frames and ghost pages.
  • Be in control with improved project settings.
  • Added more colors to use with your content blocks.
  • Craft page duplicates and replicate them across your sitemap with the “duplicate pages” feature.
  • Fixed font problems when exporting sitemaps to PDF and PNG.
  • Add blocks faster: just hit Enter while typing block name to add another one.
  • Get more and save more with our updated annual pricing.
  • Better navigate through your projects: hold Space to move around.

July 2019

  • Add notes to content blocks.
  • Import PNG and JPEG images directly to your sitemap pages.
  • Limit scopes for your collaborators: hide estimates table when sharing projects.

June 2019

  • Brand your projects with the new whitelabeling feature.
  • Clear the clutter by archiving unused projects.
  • Improved team collaboration: save projects to your profile to keep them organized and in one place.
  • Go offline: export visual sitemaps to PDF and PNG.

April 2019

  • Create project estimates. Better calculate project stages by adding time estimates to pages from other rows.
  • Accelerate your prototyping by dragging content blocks between pages.

March 2019

  • Share projects in read-only mode
  • Yoo-hoo, the official Octopus.do beta is now live at https://octopus.do, Mar. 21, 2019.
  • Our upcoming ship page is now live at ProductHunt. We’ll use it to post updates and invite early adopters.
  • Yay, we now officially own the octopus.do domain name 🚀