Octopus.do updates

Features and development updates

We continuously improve Octopus.do and use this section to highlight notable product updates. Suggest a feature or provide your feedback.

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Jun 2024

  • An update on our Figma plugin. Now you can choose between importing visual sitemaps or artboards.🫡
  • Tags now display ### of pages.

May 2024

  • Wireframes just got an update! Now you can easily search to pick the right one. Shift + click transforms you to multiply mode. 
  • We've updated CSV export📥  Now a single file, containing most needed project data for our users to integrate with other services and tools.
  • Project tabs are here! 🗂️ That means you can now store multiple sitemaps within a single project, essential for comparing versions, drafts, or revisions.

Apr 2024

  • Freshly baked!🍞Blocks now can be edited right at the content window, with the page preview right by your side — that's everything you need to focus on your next great project! 
  • Glad to finally announce that our export to Figma plugin is available to all, and this is just the start! 
  • Now we highlight arrows that are coming from a block when it's selected. This is super-useful in projects with dozens of arrows tangled together on the artboard.
  • Estimate panel is now available in read-only mode (non-editable, of course). This is handy for sending an offer, or project costs together with a r/o link, and have it updated upon making changes to the sitemap.
  • Content is king👑. We have added seamless saving to text editor and contextual toolbar, all to keep focus on the content creation.

Mar 2024

  • A handy update on Sections! Now you can create side pages to any section, including the main one.
  • Ever wondered if a sitemap can be embedded into your website, blog, or wherever? Well, now you can! We've made embedding simple and removed all distracting elements to keep the focus on the sitemap. 

Feb 2024

  • We've just launched an update with new wireframe designs and added a dozen new ones!It's time to give your sitemap project a fresh look!
  • Great news for large sitemap project owners! Collapsed pages now have previews and page counts - no need to expand the tree to see what's there!

Jan 2024

  • AI Magic just got upgraded with wireframes.🪄 Now, generated sitemaps include our full wireframes library. 
  • Now you can select (⇧ + Click) multiple pages and drag them around to organize your sitemap.

Dec 2023​

  • We're continuing to work on Arrows. ⇢ Smooth lines now automatically side-link child pages with an optimal draw path, and Straight arrows have been improved to provide more precise settings.

Nov 2023​

  • Now you can generate sub-pages within existing sitemaps! ✨

Oct 2023

  • Images can now be added to content blocks! You can upload your own wireframes or images to customize sitemaps. Tip: try empty block for full-width filling.
  • We're on Product Hunt today! We highly value your input and would greatly appreciate any feedback. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/octopus-do-ai-sitemap-builder

Sep 2023

  • Magic comes to Octopus✨Free up your time and let AI generate the initial phase of your sitemap. See it in action: https://octopus.do/ai-sitemap
  • Check out the new Blueprint theme!🎨Now you can visualise your sitemaps in a completely new way. And we've just started... :-)

Aug 2023

  • Updates on project estimate calculator! Experience the new look, estimate in hours/days/weeks and share is with direct link.
  • Project notes are live. A great place to leave project details, assets or to announce your roadmap. Embed them with files, videos, images and more.
  • We finally updated our PDF export adding full-size scale, active page links and other minor fixes.
  • More Crawler updates! You can uncheck unnecessary pages before importing them to Octopus.
  • We're now rolling βeta of Image mode. Figma sync is now separated from the page link and has a new home next to Images. Notice the artboard switcher at the right corner.

Jul 2023

  • Some updates on Crawler 🦀 Now you can Exclude unnecessary paths from importing. Really handy when you are working with huge websites http://octopus.do/import

Jun 2023

  • We know you loved our previous welcome screen, but time flies, and it has become a legacy with outdated elements. Therefore, we have decided to give it a shift. 
  • nternal links got an update ⇢ You can choose between Smooth or Straight connection line types. It's in #beta, please ping us if you spot something working wrong.
  • Announcing Page tags. Now you can easily assign tags and filter pages on your sitemap. Use them to fit your workflow process or to showcase userflow scenarios. Or maybe your own purpose? Tell us what you think about tags!
  • You can Copy/Paste whole node between projects with this simple shortcut.

May 2023

  • It's all about accessibility! Now you can pop-out page contents and export to a nice looking PDF.
  • We have some SEO-Tags updates! You can import tags from any site to the current page, check how they look at Preview mode and even Export ready-to-use code!

Apr 2023

  • Now you can add a link block to the project artboard. Really great for placing bookmarks or linking blocks with external content.
  • Tuning small details. 🤏 Now you can change section divider color. 

Mar 2023

  • Introducing the Color library!🎨 A place where you can store, name, and edit project colors. Page frames and blocks are now color-linked, allowing bulk changes in a click!
  • New frames are live! 🎉Now you can choose between Web, Mobile or Neutral page frame. Giving you more flexibility working with your projects. 

Feb 2023

  • We've been quietly refactoring our artboard lately. Sometimes you need to take time to clean things up and fix what's been pushed aside. We're now more flexible in customizing sitemap layout and page behavior!

Dec 2022

  • Password protect is now available on PRO plans!

Oct 2022

  • An update on Project settings.🎛 A first step for the place where new stuff will appear in near future!
  • Good news for WordPress users! You can now import  sitemap.xml file with multiple sitemaps, they will be merged in one sitemap.
  • You can now let guest users make comments without bothering them to sign in. Proceed to project settings to activate this toggle.

Sep 2022

  • You can now toggle color legend placement and visibility: Top / Bottom / Hidden 👀
  • We made a lot of improvements with Artboard to bring a smoother and faster work experience. You can now zoom artboard to Fit sitemap on your screen. 
  • Now you can search within the project artboard and notes. 👀
  • Introducing CSV export, both with XML they now support seo and block notes!🤘

Aug 2022

  • We've slightly redesigned our wireframes to make them more consistent with each other. Whole pack available here 
  • Team plan members can now password protect their projects.🔒

Jul 2022

  • Introducing Symbols library! Now project symbols are combined in one place you can easily interact with.👯‍♀️
  • You can now mention project members right on the sticky note. They will receive an email notification🙇‍♂️
  • Multi-wireframes got an update. 🎊 Now you can easily add, drag and remove components to combine complex wireframe. Shoot an email if you need some extra component.🚀

Jun 2022

  • Now you can control how Internal link lines placed across the sitemap🪄 
  • 5-step back Version history is now available for Pro plan users. For revisions and longer history please upgrade to Team plan.🕓
  • ntroducing simple view mode for huge and complex sitemaps.🪄

May 2022

  • Effective collaboration ⛳️ Team accounts can assign blocks to project members now. 
  • Working on Internal links improvement. First update: one block can now point to multiply pages🕸
  • You asked!📢 We added new frequently requested wireframes to our library. Explore whole set.
  • You can upload custom userpic for any project now. ®
  • Do you have a useful sitemap template? Share it with our large community and get lots of kudos 
    👏👏👏. Template gallery.

Apr 2022

  • Add a personal touch or simply react without a word. Emojis are highly welcomed in communication! 😍
  • We revamped our text editor completely from scratch recently. It now supports text colouring, subtasks, file attachments, photos and many more!⌨️
  • Notice a new little icon at the note's header bar. 🔗  Every Note has a direct link for you to share with  your buddy, client, or coworker.
  • Wireframes are now multiplying!👯 Shoot Shift + Click to combine your custom wireframe from presets. 
  • Now you can set a default color for page frames!  Connection nodes inherit that color too :-)
  • Figma integration is here! 🙌 Paste a link to Figma artboard and we will automatically convert the link into a design preview! 

Mar 2022

  • Read-only view now supports commenting options. Really handy while working with clients' limited edit access.
  • Team accounts got an upgrade with Version history. It automatically creates backups of your project that can be restored later.
  • Section titles are live!

Feb 2022

  • Long awaited Google sign in option is finally here.

Jan 2022

  • Our first 2022 update includes the ability to bulk change block color palette through color legend. You can change default color for blocks too.

December 2021

  • Sticky notes got a little facelift with background color selection and ability to change size
  • We completely reworked the PNG export. Our latest release includes transparent sitemap export with x2(retina) quality image
  • Jump into our Slack community, a place where you can ask questions, send feature requests and directly chat with our team!

October 2021

  • Introducing Symbols! Speed up your workflow using symbols to reuse common blocks across entire project.
  • Team accounts got a fresh update with Folders. You can easily categorise projects and control member access. Really handy working in big groups!
  • We just added 11 more popular sitemap templates to our ready-to-use gallery

September 2021

  • We're rolling out a new home for your projects and team dashboard. Thumbnails will be generated for recent updated projects, it may take some time.
  • Long awaited — you can add external links to pages. Using Visual Sitemap generator will add them automatically! 

August 2021

  • Estimates now support decimal numbers!
  • The project owner now can mark the estimate panel private and visible only for him.
  • Now you can transfer your project to another account (must be Pro or higher)
  • Visual Sitemap Generator (VSG) 2.0
  • Sticky-notes are live! Leave your thoughts anywhere within project artboard
  • Blocks got multi select option for mass editing. Shift + click!

July 2021

  • Notes and Comments got an update with our new editor!
  • Pressing TAB will select the opposite page

May 2021

  • Now you can link blocks to any page from your sitemap to visualize alternative connections between pages.

April 2021

  • Stack page frame
  • SEO Meta Tags

March 2021

  • Some new wireframes, 'Stack' page frame and Save indicator to monitor if your project is securely saved;

  • Comments are now allowed in read-only view;

  • Info pop-up window is now showing only once, not every time when you create a project. Sorry about that :)

  • Empty brick at the end of list will remove automatically;

  • We moved active brick controls. 

  • UI fixes.

February 2021

  • Expand/Collapse pages. Focus on small parts while working with large, complex projects. 

January 2021

  • Zoom out/in with touchpad, click and drag artboard, drag'n'drop fixes and undo/redo got new place and icons.

  • Now you can duplicate pages and blocks with keyboard shortcuts! It's blazingly fast!

  • Refactoring UI, optimizing performance.

October 2020

  • Project now remembers Horizontal/Vertical sitemap views.

  • Looong awaited feature is now live. From now on you can paint your sitemap journeys with custom colors.👩🏼‍🎨

September 2020

  • You can export visual sitemap to TEXT file for Humans Robots. Also you can Generate sitemap XML from visual sitemap and submit it to Google, Bing and other search engines to improve your visibility and SEO.

July 2020

  • We added more wireframes for you to chose from.

June 2020

  • Now you can import sitemaps using structured sitemap.xml file.
  • Team account members can now control Privacy options and make project accessible only for Team or project members 🕵🏼‍♂️

May 2020

  • Long-awaited Undo / Redo function is here. Risk-free prototyping available for all our users.
  • We're on Producthunt today again. Happy to receive #2 Product of the Day award!
  • Our new promo-website is up. Enjoy the fresh look and product videos.
  • We refactored Page and Block UI controls, now we have plenty of space to add new functions.

March 2020

February 2020

  • Special student discount is here 👩🏼‍🏫
  • Shared projects are now visible to all invited users

January 2020

  • You can now transfer project ownership to Team plan user
  • Main page block can now be set as a Ghost page
  • Vertical website mode is here! You can now switch to vertical mode — a concise and compact way to view your project!

December 2019

November 2019

  • Add comments to pages in your sitemap.
  • Invite collaborators to your project over email.

October 2019

  • Real-time is here ⚡️Every change you make in a sitemap is now instantly seen by your collaborators.

September 2019

August 2019

  • PayPal support.
  • Design for web and mobile by switching the modes of your preview.
  • Add color legend to your sitemap.
  • Better organize your sitemaps with custom page frames and ghost pages.
  • Be in control with improved project settings.
  • Added more colors to use with your content blocks.
  • Craft page duplicates and replicate them across your sitemap with the “duplicate pages” feature.
  • Fixed font problems when exporting sitemaps to PDF and PNG.
  • Add blocks faster: just hit Enter while typing block name to add another one.
  • Get more and save more with our updated annual pricing.
  • Better navigate through your projects: hold Space to move around.

July 2019

  • Add notes to content blocks.
  • Import PNG and JPEG images directly to your sitemap pages.
  • Limit scopes for your collaborators: hide estimates table when sharing projects.

June 2019

  • Brand your projects with the new whitelabeling feature.
  • Clear the clutter by archiving unused projects.
  • Improved team collaboration: save projects to your profile to keep them organized and in one place.
  • Go offline: export visual sitemaps to PDF and PNG.

April 2019

  • Create project estimates. Better calculate project stages by adding time estimates to pages from other rows.
  • Accelerate your prototyping by dragging content blocks between pages.

March 2019

  • Share projects in read-only mode
  • Yoo-hoo, the official Octopus.do beta is now live at https://octopus.do, Mar. 21, 2019.
  • Our upcoming ship page is now live at ProductHunt. We’ll use it to post updates and invite early adopters.
  • Yay, we now officially own the octopus.do domain name 🚀