Visual site map builder

Create your visual site map or app structure using our interactive flow, taking full advantage of drag-and-drop. Dive deeper with page content blocks that make your structure simple to design, handle, and discuss.

Block colors

Organize page content

Organize your page content by highlighting content blocks with color. Develop your color codes and apply them to your projects.

Add a legend to your custom scheme to easily convey color meanings to your team or clients. Always be on one page: define precise descriptions of individual colors to keep things clear.

PRO feature

Export your sitemaps to PDF and PNG

Have your sitemaps exported as PDF or PNG. Prepare your material for printing, publishing, or offline meetings. Attach time estimates when needed.


Collaborate on projects

Share your work with teammates or clients, add comments to keep things clear and in one place. Each comment triggers an email notification to keep every collaborator on track.

Instant updates

Work in real-time

Easily Invite new folk to work on a shared project in real-time. Every change you introduce into a sitemap is instantly picked up by your every teammate. 

Usefull for UX/UI Specialists, Designers, Project, Account & Sales, SEO Specialists, Freelancers, Developers, Product owners, Product analysts, Copywriters, Marketing Specialists and Digital Agency. See more


Visualize with wireframes

With wireframes you can visualize contents of each block making it easy to understand the page layout and prepare the content fo your future project.

PRO feature

Notes and descriptions

Comment your work directly in the sitemap, add notes and block descriptions. Define page content, take meeting notes, and prepare for stand-ups.

PRO Feature

Dark theme

Switch to the dark theme during night shifts or if you simply prefer so. Dark mode can reduce power usage for OLED screens and improve visibility due to higher contrast. Come over to the dark side 🌚

TIP from pro's

We suggest coloring the completed blocks green to track your team’s progress on website development or content planning

Pro feature

Design for web and mobile

Octopus is case-friendly. Switch your previews to mobile when building for phones or tablets to clearly communicate the type of project you’re up to.

Pro feature

Upload and share designs

Enliven your page designs with images. Map out your website or app structure and add visuals to better convey your ideas and vision.

PRO Feature

Estimate project costs provides simple project management for your website development and content production flows. Set the production time in hours for each site page or app screen using our estimation panel. Then, our estimates table sums everything up and allows specifying hourly rates, adding extra project stages, and calculating overall costs.


Ghost & Page frames

Keep large sitemaps clear. Organize your website sections in a simple visual manner. For instance, add section names to differentiate site areas like Member and Public. Categorize your layout elements with page frames, use them to mark pop-ups, lightboxes, and page states.


Unlimited site sections

Prototype separate website or app areas in a single sitemap. Get as vast as you want. We don’t limit the number of sections.

Clone everything

Duplicate your projects and pages

Pro plan users can also make project duplicates and create an unlimited number of sitemap archives. Create project drafts or templates and duplicate them in one click. The same goes for pages: create a template page once and easily replicate it across your sitemap. 

Only for teams

Invite your team

You can create your team and make a collection of selected projects in one place. Everybody who gets invited to the team will be able to add his own projects and collaborate on the ones already inside. They will have access to all paid features when working with team projects, no matter what the user's account type is.

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