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A simple way to start building sitemaps and app prototypes.


10 8 $
per month billed yearly
For professionals looking to build and track up to 8 projects.


40 34 $
per month billed yearly
For teams sized 5+ looking to streamline prototyping flow for up to 32 projects.


120 100 $
per month billed yearly
For businesses sized 10+, prototype web sites and mobile apps, get full control over project management.
Breakdown of features
Pages per sitemap
Share your sitemaps with anyone anywhere and collaborate on your projects in real-time.
Team members
Visual Sitemap Generator
Generate visual sitemap from any websites using sitemap xml
1000 pages
1000 pages
1000 pages
Read-only sharing
Enable Read-only mode and share projects using a non-editable format.
User permissions
Control user permissions when sharing your sitemap
Dashboard access
Easy access to all your projects, app settings and more in a single place
Use your own brand logo to personalise owned projects
Sitemap and page comments
Engage your teammates by making use of our powerful comments system
With wireframes you can visualize contents of each block
Symbol library
Speed up your workflow using symbols to reuse common blocks across sitemap.
Figma integration
Paste a link to Figma artboard and we will automatically convert the link into a design preview.
Sticky notes
Leave your thoughts anywhere within project artboard.
Pro Wireframe kit
+ 14 Pro Wireframes
Internal links
Link blocks to any page from your sitemap to visualize alternative connections between pages.
SEO Meta Tags
Meta Tags such as Title, Description, H1-H6 headings, Notes
Project cost estimation
Set time estimates for each page, specify hourly rates and calculate overall cost.
Archive inactive projects
Make duplicates of projects and create an unlimited number of sitemap archives
Notes and Descriptions
Fill pages with content, add notes and specifications for yourself and your teammates.
Custom colors
Organise your page content by applying custom colors
Project and page duplicate
You can make project duplicates and create unlimited number of sitemap archives.
Custom page covers
Upload your own design of each page.
Sitemap export (PNG, PDF, TXT, XML)
Prepare materials for printing, publishing, exporting or offline meetings in high-quality PDF or PNG, TXT formats
Version history
Automatically creates backups of your project that can be restored later.
Team workspace
Invite users to a single place and use it to work on all your projects together
Password protect project
Protect any project with a password and share it privately.
Private projects
Control Privacy options and make project accessible only for Team or project members
Team folders
You can easily categorise projects and control member access with folders.
Ability to assign blocks to project members.
Move projects between accounts
Full project migration from one account to another
Sitemap Generator for Google
Generate sitemap XML from visual sitemap and submit it to Google, Bing and other search engines to improve your visibility and SEO.
Feel free to draw us a line and we'll do our best to help you out
SSL encryption
Daily backups
We provide 24/7 backup for all your projects.

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