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We’ve been building sites for our clients worldwide for 18 years, and entirely get what a great sitemap builder should look and feel like. We asked around and figured that our prototyping tool is mostly used by Digital Agencies.
The experience we invested in became an opportunity to help folks we know best.


Why we use

Website and App Prototyping

Every site or app we’re working on gets first prototyped in The flow is divided between a team of UX specialists, designers, and product managers. Octopus removes every hurdle we could think of and lets individual team members collaborate freely. Once the prototype is ready, we estimate project costs and send the prototype to a client along with other documents.

Project Cost Estimation

For a client, it is essential to understand which specialists will be engaged in production and the time it will take them to get things done. That’s why we implemented vital project management features in Octopus. We estimate project costs and timelines within Octopus before we start building and track the progress once we’ve already started.

Project Presentation

In the pre-Octopus era, we would create sitemaps with various applications and services. Like, we would draw a sitemap in Sketch and send it over to our client in PDF. You can easily guess that if a sitemap required any edits, we had to start over, and that was pretty far away from “comfortable.” Now, when everything is fast and in one place, we can share a link or make as many PDFs as the negotiation requires :)

All projects in one place

With Octopus, every project is at hand, whether completed or active. We extensively use project archiving and have already stockpiled over a hundred. Whenever we want to reuse anything in other projects or look through the best practices, the archive is our go-to.

Digital agency


Team size
10-15 persons

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