Create beautiful sitemaps, suits both beginners and pros helps everyone involved in web or application development. Achieve your goals faster with swift, clear, and organized sitemaps.

UX/UI Specialists

Create comprehensive visual sitemaps, use color schemes to map user flows, and add notes that help measure usability. Check out the Page frame and Ghost page features to improve your workflow further.

Project, Account & Sales

Easily estimate project costs. Draft your website or app structure and set production times for every element. Define project currency, tax and hourly rates to rapidly switch from time to cost estimates. 


Employ your unique visual language by adding JPEG or PNG images to page layouts. Rumor has it, designers love dark themes, so it’s just a click away.

SEO Specialists

Rapidly prototype your site structure and easily differentiate marketing, blog, documentation, and other site sections. Collaborate with copy and content writers by including meta, keywords, on-page notes right in page layouts.


Shorten your sales cycle and close more deals by easily conveying your project concept and milestones to your every client. You can share sitemaps in read-only mode to be in control of any changes.


See projects as a whole and rapidly grasp the structure of separate sections. Track your team’s progress and pick tasks for your next sprint.

Product owners

Freely collaborate with your team, know cost estimates, add comments, and see how your business scales in line with your sitemap.

Product analysts

Quickly grasp the complete website or app structure and see which sections help inform, acquire, activate, convert, and retain customers.


Add copy and content to page layouts at scale. Easily manage writers by sharing your project across the board and tracking your progress.

Marketing Specialists

Have a bird’s eye view of your project at hand to rapidly map customer journeys and strategize your campaigns.