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Generate visual sitemap from any websites using sitemap xml

We created a fast and very simple visual sitemap generator to help you visualize any website structure from a sitemap.xml file or from a URL (not for mobile version).


Please note, that we don't crawl website content and structure, we use only the public sitemap.xml file.

  • A sitemap is a hierarchical model of a web page structure. This format helps not only to evaluate the number of pages that a site has, but also to identify the connections between them. The schemes may vary from being primitive in structure and organization to complex maps with multi-level nesting. Sitemaps are a great way to distribute content and plan the mechanics of future website navigation.

  • It’s difficult to start work on a project without any prior planning. A sitemap helps understand the mechanics of navigation and to evaluate the amount of content. It also plays a vital role in building communication with the team of developers. Visualization of the structure simplifies discussions and resource allocation.

  • Despite being hidden from users, they play an important role. An XML sitemap helps search engines analyze the website by describing the hierarchy of pages and their interrelationships. This, in turn, has a positive impact on ranking. Clarity of structure description and syntax used play a vital role in XML sitemaps. Search engines will not tolerate inconsistencies and negligence in code. XML sitemaps are either uploaded directly or the web developers can simply wait until the search engines locate the file themselves. In comparison to standard automatic search engine procedures, faster indexing of pages can be achieved by updating the sitemap structure in a timely manner.

  • Usually the sitemap.xml file is located here - However, there are cases when the file simply doesn’t exist or is located elsewhere.

  • Sometimes we won't be able to generate a visual sitemap from certain websites and you will receive a “something went wrong” error. There could be various reasons for that:

    • there is no sitemap.xml or access to it is restricted
    • its location is unknown
    • the browser cannot read and generate a sitemap for technical reasons


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Organize your page content by highlighting content blocks with color. Develop your color codes and apply them to your projects.

Visualize with wireframes

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With wireframes you can visualize contents of each block making it easy to understand the page layout and prepare the content fo your future project.

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