Start building instantly is a fast and clean sitemap builder

Create your website or application structure, add notes, specify page content, and use color schemes to improve your site map design or implement website development or content planning. Share your work with anyone, anywhere.

Suits both beginners and professionals is built for pros by pros and is an everyday go-to prototyping tool for UX/UI, Product Owners, Product Managers, Developers, SEO, and Marketing Specialists.

Build Site Maps

From the big picture to every tiny detail, map your website or app structure, and create links between elements. Enhance your website map by adding colored blocks to outline page content.


Easily Organize Page Content

Use colors to group and categorize content blocks across site pages or app screens. Create customized color schemes for unique workflows.

For instance, mark the completed blocks green to track your team’s progress on website development or content planning. Color your page headers pink to tell them from other content types. Add explainers to your color codes to quickly onboard new team members or better communicate with your clients.


Add Notes and Descriptions

Unload your brain right in the sitemap: add notes and block descriptions. Use notes to specify page content, take meeting notes, and prepare for conference calls or stand-ups.


Collaborate, Dark Mode, Image Import, Mobile Frames, PDF Export, etc.