Share your website map with anyone, anywhere

Fast and clean site mapper tool

Create your website map or application structure, add notes, specify page content, and use color schemes to improve your site map design or implement website development or content planning.

prototype faster

Build sitemap. From the big picture to every tiny detail, map your website or app structure, and create links between elements. Enhance your website map by adding colored blocks to outline page content. Pro plan starts from $10/mo


Visualize with wireframes

With low fidelity wireframes​ you can visualize contents of each block making it easy to understand the page layout and prepare the content fo your future project.


Add content descriptions

Unload your brain right in the sitemap: add notes and block descriptions. Use notes to specify page content, take meeting notes, and prepare for conference calls or stand-ups.

Easy export

Export your sitemaps to PDF and PRINT

Have your sitemaps exported as PDF or PNG. Prepare your material for printing, publishing, or offline meetings. Attach time estimates when needed.

For Individuals

Designers pm's and developers

Shorten your sales cycle and close more deals by easily conveying your project concept and milestones to your every client. You can share website map in read-only mode to be in control of any changes.


Suitable for agencies
of any size

Project, Account & Sales. Easily estimate project costs. Draft your website or app structure and set production times for every element. Define project currency, tax and hourly rates to rapidly switch from time to cost estimates.

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