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We keep it simple. documentation is an extensive step-by-step guide walking your through from building sitemaps to managing your website development and content projects.

Getting started

  • Octopus is used to design a sitemap or web application screen map, as well as calculate project costs on the fly.

  • This is a visual representation of the structure of the website or application. It helps to break down the available information into pages and build hierarchical linking between them.


Blue outline containers represent web pages, application screens, dialog boxes, and logical entities. You can create pages, edit, move, change type, fill with blocks and delete them without any limitations.

There are three Container types:

  • "Page" imitates regular pages and screens of the application. This is the default type.
  • The frame represents modal and dialog boxes. These containers have dotted frames.
  • “Ghost” type is used for entities that are important to the structure but won't be implemented as pages, screens or dialog boxes. The look of the Ghost container has no frames and has reduced margins not to draw too much attention to it.

To change the type of container, select it and tap the circle icon below it.

  • Serving visibility purposes, an additional view is available in which all containers are replaced with pictures. Click the button with the picture icon in the upper right corner to change view. Now, on hover, you will see controls to add a picture. To replace a picture with a new one, the previous one must be deleted. Click the view button again to return to the normal view. Changing views is available to all users who can view the project.


  •  Use “Mobile frames” switch in the drop-down list of project settings (a button with three dots) in the upper right corner.

  • To add a section, hover over the space below the current sitemap — a button with a plus icon will appear, clicking it will do the job.
    To delete an additional section, simply delete its main page.


Every page or app screen has little color blocks to visualize content — quite handy when prototyping a structure, let alone it allows to see the project's in a bird-view. You can add, edit, move inside and between blocks, change color or delete them.

  • Hover over the block you want to comment and click the note icon that appears on the right side. Blocks that have notes have icon visible at all times.

  • Octopus uses Markdown for formatting. Here are the basics.


    [My link](

    **bold text** 

    *italicized text*

    > This is a quote

    1. First item
    2. Second item
    3. Third item

    - First item
    - Second item
    - Third item


  • Tap the “Color legend” switch in the project settings (a button with three dots in the upper right corner of the page).


Octopus calculates the time required by different specialists on a page-by-page basis. Focusing on the cost of an hour of particular specialists, Octopus will help calculate the total costs of the project.

Estimation panel allows to input hours necessary to design each page or screen. Total hours sum up in the table, where you can also change the hourly rate, add extra stages to the project and calculate total costs.

  • Click the Estimate settings (the button with the slider icon in the upper right corner of the Estimate panel) and select currency you want to use for this project. We support all world currencies.

  • You can specify only whole hours without minutes or fractions.

  • In the “Share” window, uncheck “Hide estimate”. This way a user that followed the link won't see either Estimate panel or any calculations of costs.


We take data loss matter very seriously. Octopus has an auto-save system after each action of the user. To save the project, you need to generate a unique link by clicking the Save button (one with an arrow icon in the upper right corner, or the flashing “Save” button in the lower right corner). In the pop-up window, save the link to the bookmarks or save the project to your Profile (registration is required).

  • The feature to download pdf or png files is only available for projects saved to the account. Please save the project to your account and try again.

  • Check the status of your internet connection. The auto-save function only works if you have an active Internet connection.

  • Unfortunately, if the link to the project has not been generated (the button with the arrow icon or the flashing “Save” button were not clicked), it is not possible to restore the project.

    If a link to the project was generated, try to find it in the browser history (Cmd + Y for Mac or Ctrl + Y for Win); if the tab with the project was closed just now — try to return to it by opening recently closed tabs (Cmd + Shift + T for Mac or Ctrl + Shift + T for Win).


You can share the project by generating links with Read-only or Edit permissions.

  • Anyone with a link with Edit permissions. Changes made by another user are displayed in real-time.

  • To do so, you must be logged in, and the project must be added to your Profile (a button with the user icon in the upper right corner).

    You can archive the project (available only on the PRO account): in the list of projects, click the button with three points next to the project you want to archive and select “Archive”. When a user follows a link to the archived project, a modal notification will be displayed stating that the project is in the archive and cannot be viewed.

    You can also delete projects: in the list of projects, click the same button next to the project you want to delete and select “Delete”. It will be permanently deleted with no possibility to recover. When someone uses the link to such project, a 404 error will be displayed.


  • A 14-day trial period allows anyone to use Octopus without registration. Just use the link generated in the “Save” window to open your project.

  • The project will be suspended. You can always continue it by saving it to the list of projects in your account. However, we archive the list of old suspended projects from time to time.

  • Changing the avatar of projects is possible in the account settings. Click on the button with the user icon in the upper right corner, go to the “Settings” tab and upload a new avatar on the right. Please note, that avatar will change on all projects.

  • Click the “Forgot password?” link in the authorization pop-up and follow the step-by-step instructions. A link to generate a new password will be sent to you by Email.

  • If there are no planned works on the project, you can archive it and clear one slot in the list of projects for a new one. Visitors who open an archived project will see a notification saying the project is archived; viewing or editing the project will not be available. You can activate the project at any time and continue working on it, all links and accesses will remain the same.

  • Such feature has not yet been provided. More octopuses to the world!🐙

  • You can delete your account in the account settings. Click the button with the user icon in the upper right corner, go to the “Settings” tab and click “Delete my account”. 

    Attention! All account projects will also be deleted.


We use Braintree payment service. It supports payments from PayPal wallets, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Discover bank cards.

  • You can upgrade or downgrade your account subscription at any time. When downgrading, your current plan will be valid until the end of the paid period. When upgrading, the new plan will take effect immediately, the amount already paid will be taken into account in accordance with the terms of the new plan.

  • If the number of your projects exceeds the number of free slots, the excess ones will be archived (the “Archive” link in the project list window). You can activate projects with any paid subscription plan.

  • Information about paid subscription invoices is sent automatically to the email address specified during registration. Check the spam folder just in case if you didn't receive one.

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